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Looking for more ultimate this winter? Get ready for 4x4!
No time to mess around! If you are looking for more ultimate, sign up for the Prairie Summit Series 4x4 tournaments TODAY (and we mean today). 
Who are these tournaments…

Happy New Year!  We hope all our Winter Leaguers are excited to get underway this weekend!  A few last items to draw your attention to:

1. Scheduleteam rosters, and rules are posted.  Please make special note of the modifications for the…

The CUA 5-on-5 winter league will follow the USAU 11th Edition Rules with the modifications specified below:  

Stall count:

  • For draft division, the stall count is 7.
  • For rec division, the stall count is 10.

Gender ratio:

  • Default gender ratio…

An update for people registered in Winter League 2015: Team making and scheduling are in the works, to be posted by the end of the week, so you have at least a week's notice before your first game.  First games…